In Course Out of Bounds

In course out of bounds is a long running debate, whether it’s wrong or right. I personally believe when the course was first designed, they never had the thought of outbounds. The course should be played the way it was designed. If the hole allows the player to risk the shot over the trees and … More In Course Out of Bounds


Aeration isn’t the word a golfer likes to hear. That means no golf on smooth greens for about a month or so. Aeration is probably occurring at your golf course this week or last week. Aeration is important for all golf courses, as it decides how the course will perform for the winter months and … More Aeration…

Types of Golf Tees

There are a variety of different types of golf tees from wood to bamboo to plastic. Many of the plastic tees made now days are biodegradable. Wood tees tend to be the cheapest of them all, since plastic are meant to last longer they tend to usually be more expensive. Popular golf tee brands include … More Types of Golf Tees

TW Ventures

Tiger Woods announces he will pursue as a entrepreneur to start Tiger Woods Ventures. This company will include all of this duties as he has been in charge of designing courses, owning restaurants, his charity the foundation that supports children, and his support for PGA Tour events. Tiger Woods was already involved heavily with those functions and … More TW Ventures

Player of the Year

Dustin Johnson was chosen for the player of the year for 2016 this week on Monday. Johnson had a fantastic year on the PGA Tour with many top ten finishes. He finally notched his first major win at the 2016 U.S. Open at Oakmont Country Club in Pennsylvania. He has had many many close encounters in majors … More Player of the Year

Tiger Woods?

Tiger Woods was scheduled to play this week’s PGA Tour Safeway Open, but just recently withdrew on Monday. Woods has been on the disabled list due to multiple back surgeries and honestly old age for one year now, last playing a tournament 14 months ago. There was a lot of excitement as Tiger Woods was … More Tiger Woods?

The PGA Tour is Back!

Yes, that two week break was the offseason for the PGA Tour. This is the first week of the 2016-17 PGA Tour season, starting in Napa, CA at Silverado Resort. The north course was the original golf course and it first opened in 1955, but redesigned in 1966 by Robert Trent Jones Jr. In 2010 … More The PGA Tour is Back!