Sand Types

As you can see there are over 15 different types of sand for bunkers. The most common seen at many resort courses will be a white sand as it reflects well of the green grass. It brings attention and detail to the bunkers which attracts guests. People like to play in the bright white sand it reminds them of the tour players. Personally the white sand is great, it tends to play really fluffy and heavy and I think it looks great. Sometimes it can be very white and sunglasses are preferred if you’re looking at it all day. Most of these sands below listing the name Tour Grade sands tend to be off white which is easer on the eye. They also drain very well, isn’t any crusting which requires less raking and they are up to USGA requirements. I’ve never never seen limestone sand in bunkers or heard of that type of sand in bunkers around the country.

Green Plus Sand • Tour Grade 535 • Tour Grade Signature • Tour Grade 50/50 • Extra Firm Bunker Sand • Kosse White • Gray Walrath Double Wash • Stone White Sand • Crushed• Limestone • Caylor White • Klassic White • Tan Bunker Sand • Pro White Bunker Sand • #1600 • Autumn Gold • Pro Angle Bunker Sand • USGA Bunker Sand • Shelby Bunker Sand • Florida special • Glass beads