Grass Types

Below are the most common grass types used around the world. Poa annua is very common on the west coast and can grow in hot weather or cold weather. But if it is hot it does require a lot of water and can discolor easily without much water. Poa annua can grow up to seven inches tall and has seedheads which can cause the golf ball to not roll smoothly. Bentgrass is also grown better in cooler conditions like 70 degrees. The root growth stops when the temperatures reach above 90 degrees. That is why you will see Bermuda grass on greens on the east coast, it can with stand temperatures in the 90’s. But you will most likely never seen this type of grass on courses on the west coast as it can not survive in temperatures in the 20’s for consecutive days straight. Finally Kentucky blue grass, Ryegrass and Zoysia are common types of grasses for fairways and rough.

Bentgrass • Fescue • Kentucky bluegrass • Ryegrass • Poa annua • Poa trivialis • Seaside Paspalum • Zoysia • Poa/ Bentgrass mix • Bermuda