Aeration isn’t the word a golfer likes to hear. That means no golf on smooth greens for about a month or so. Aeration is probably occurring at your golf course this week or last week. Aeration is important for all golf courses, as it decides how the course will perform for the winter months and … More Aeration…

Parkland Golf Design

Parkland golf is very common in the middle states, like Idaho or Montana, but can be found on the coastlines as well. These types of courses are usually treelined and green, they are very lush. Hence the name “park like design,” they don’t lack water in the rough, fairways and greens. These courses vary with … More Parkland Golf Design

Rough vs. No Rough

Many golf courses around the U.S. have a rough cut, along with a first cut. But you will find many courses that do not have rough which will cut down on the irrigation costs. The fairway could either feed into waste bunkers or pine straw or out of bounds. Playing courses without any rough is … More Rough vs. No Rough

Green Shapes

Green shapes vary depending on the course and it’s designer. Here are the a few common shapes used the oval, kidney shaped, two-lobe, three-lobe, crescent, U shaped, teardrop, angled, deep/narrow, shallow/wide, square, cloverleaf, T shaped and L shaped green. All these types of green shapes allow for various pin placements. Having many different pin placement … More Green Shapes

Golf Flags

Golf flags can range from the wicker basket seen famously at Merion Golf Club to rectangle cloth flags the more common option. Merion Golf Club uses wicker baskets when the course designer Hugh Wilson made a trip to Europe in 1912 and saw many courses using them. Wilson thought the basket offered a sense of tradition … More Golf Flags

Favorite Par 3’s

There are many par 3’s that I’ve not played and would consider them to be on my list. As well as a few I’ve played which make the list also. These first few are the ones I’ve never had the chance to play but hope to someday soon. The first would be the sixth hole at … More Favorite Par 3’s

Popular Putting Surfaces

As a golfer in California, I have mostly played on Poa annua greens mixed with Bentgrass and Rye grass. As the years have gone by I’ve come to the conclusion that I’d rather play on Bentgrass greens because they are always smooth. For years I was always against Bentgrass greens because I felt like I … More Popular Putting Surfaces