Maui kicks off this week and the weather looks like it will be decent, despite the rain they had earlier this week. So that means the course will be playing a bit long. I’m liking players like Dustin Johnson or Jason Day this week but I’m going with a sleeper too— Fabian Gomez. Golf Channel has completely changed their fantasy golf contest this year allowing you to pick six players within your 100K purse. This will be much more interesting allowing you to pick more then two top players. Previous years worked picking four players ranking A, B, C and D. You would “win” their money and it would be added up at the end of the year. This new format now allows you to pick mostly top players and maybe adding one underdog in your lineup. This week I’m going with DJ, Sneds, Ryan Moore, Double P, Berger and Gomez. Sneds played well there last year. I like DJ as he just bombs it and should be able to get around the course under par every day. Double P fresh off a win and striking those new PXG irons pure as ever and putts it well.Berger will be using Callaway equipment but should feel comfortable enough to take it low. Ryan Moore is usually a solid pick everywhere, swings it smooth not a long hitter but keeps it straight makes a lot of pars but will eat up some par 5’s on his third shot. Finally Gomez played well last year and having won the Sony, he likes Hawaii!


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