One week!

Next week kicks off the SBS Tournament of Champions in Maui at the Kapalua Plantation golf course. This course is a great course having played it four years ago, it’s a tough track. It will be an interesting week as this is the first official tournament where players won’t get paid to play Nike golf clubs. Along with the other equipment and clothing changes, which we all get excited about! My sources say Jonas Blixt will not be using Cobra golf clubs next year and will be going with a combo bag of clubs. I think we will see a bunch of new players add onto PXG’s staff, they seemed to be the most popular clubs on the tour last year among the players who didn’t have major club contracts. But next week we will see last year’s tournament winners competing for one prize without a cut. No cut tournaments are the best, we get to see players take it deep without having to worry about the cut. Plus who can complain when it’s an automatic pay day, all you have to do is tee off Thursday. •  I will post my golf channel fantasy picks for the tournament on Wednesday night. 


One thought on “One week!

  1. Hey Tommy,

    We attended the Tourney of Champions last year (and got to play the course a week later) — amazing course and fun tournament to watch. Can’t wait to get the season started!



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