College Golf at Cypress Point?

This weeks kicks off the Stanford hosted Cypress Point Golf Classic. Stanford will host may top schools like; Wake Forest, USC, Georgia, Georgia Tech, UCLA, Alabama and California. This college golf tournament will be the last tournament for many schools. The format of the tournament will be Ryder Cup like, consisting of the eight schools split up into two groups competing in four head-to-head style competition. They will play foursomes along with the four ball competition format. They’ll first begin the competition at Pebble Beach Golf Links and end at Cypress Point Golf Club, as it’s a three day event. This isn’t the first time Stanford has hosted this style of tournament they hosted it back in 2012. I’m sure the college players are excited to get this event going, they get to play not only Cypress Point but Pebble Beach as well.

But lets get to the golf course they’re playing Cypress Point! Cypress is such a unique golf course with a ton of history. Cypress was designed by Alister Mackenzie a well known architect among the California area and opened in 1928. His course is always rated a top three course in public publications every year. Mackenzie is known for the course as it weaves in and out of the sand dunes, as the course took shape and he didn’t have to force much of the design. Number 16 at Cypress is known as the signature hole, which is a par 3 and plays over mostly water stretching out to 231 yards. It’s regarded as one of the most exclusive courses and very hard to get on unless a member invites you to play. I’ve never had the chance to play but would love to, I have many friends that have and I’m waiting patiently for my invite. Back in the day caddies were allowed to bring people to play but a caddie abused the rule by selling rounds which led to the termination of that. All in all Cypress isn’t impossible to get on, but it will take many tricks to accomplish it.