Types of Golf Tees

There are a variety of different types of golf tees from wood to bamboo to plastic. Many of the plastic tees made now days are biodegradable. Wood tees tend to be the cheapest of them all, since plastic are meant to last longer they tend to usually be more expensive. Popular golf tee brands include Aero spark tees, 4 more yard tees, Champion Tees, Brush T, Zero Friction and Consistent Tee, Epoch, Golf Galaxy, Frogger Golf, Pride Sports, and Stinger. As you can see there are a variety of golf tees brands all of those brands are a plastic version of a golf tee. The aero spark tee and 4 more yard tee are designed to help the golfer get more yardage based on the patent technology made for the top of the tee. Plastic tees aren’t always the best options for golf tees, although people may think they are better for the environment. Plastic tees tend to bend after multiple use and make it harder to stick in the ground. Once a wooden tee is hit off of multiple times it breaks but it’s still useful, there may be a little stub left over. Although you can’t usually hit off a broken tee with a driver, all irons can be hit off them.

Wood golf tees tend to be the most popular option for professional golfers on the PGA Tour. I haven’t seen a PGA Tour player use a plastic tee, I’m sure there are tour pros that use them but I think it’s uncommon. I personally like to feel the tee break. Many golf clubs that I have visited provide free tees, the tee type depends by I have seen mostly wood. Wood tends to be classic and gives the golf club a old feel. Wood tends to be cheap and it’s very much so in the budget for golf clubs. Bamboo golf tees are very common among golfers as well, but tend to be more expensive as they are very strong and don’t break at easily. Wooden and plastic golf tees also come in a variety of colors. The most common color for wood is white and natural color as they are the cheapest to order. Wooden tees may also be ordered with color print on the tee shank, as a company may want to put their website on it. Also in the cup of the tee where the ball sits an image or logo may also be placed. Overall I believe wood tees are the best option for golf courses that have free tees. Some may argue that plastic are the best because people won’t use as many but in fact it seems to be the same amount of wasted tees either way. People grab a handful every time they tee it up either if they have them in their bag or not.