Tiger Woods?

Tiger Woods was scheduled to play this week’s PGA Tour Safeway Open, but just recently withdrew on Monday. Woods has been on the disabled list due to multiple back surgeries and honestly old age for one year now, last playing a tournament 14 months ago. There was a lot of excitement as Tiger Woods was speculated to compete this week at the Safeway Open in Napa. There was also speculation that Woods would be paired with his arch rival Phil Mickelson. I was actually looking forward to watching that pairing as they are never paired together. But on the other end I was thinking that Tiger wasn’t ready and would most likely withdraw like every other event in the past. It was great for Tiger to commit in my opinion it boosted ticket sales for the Safeway and gained a lot of attention. But after his withdraw I’m assuming many fans have to disappointed and will probably try and get their money back. I believe Tiger Woods was told to commit to the Safeway Open to take the media off his back during the Ryder Cup, since he was a captain.

This will be a great few weeks for the sports media as they were able to anticipate Tiger’s return. Now they will be able to report on why he withdrew, as there will be many speculations if he’s still hurt. I think it would have been a great idea by the marketing team to pay Tiger Woods “camp” to make him commit to, resulting in a boost in tickets says. This would probably never be done but it’s always possible as many professional golfers are paid to play events under the table. Tiger Woods was seen at the Stanford Football game this past weekend, which made me think it was a definite he was in to play the event. Tiger has come out to apologize to Safeway and the Turkish Airlines as he wont be able to compete this week. He said after practicing for multiple hours in California he has realized he won’t be able to play at his best to compete against the best players in the world.