Favorite Par 3’s

There are many par 3’s that I’ve not played and would consider them to be on my list. As well as a few I’ve played which make the list also. These first few are the ones I’ve never had the chance to play but hope to someday soon. The first would be the sixth hole at Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades, California. George C. Thomas, Jr. designed the course along with other famous courses like Stanford University Golf Course, Stanford, California and Bel-Air Country Club, Bel Air, Los Angeles, California The hole tips out at 199 from the black tee markers and has a very unique design. When you first approach the tee box you notice that the tee boxes are shaved and feed right into the chipping areas of the previous hole. The next unique design feature of the hole is the green has a bunker in the middle of it. This design is very unique as the pin placement can really affect the shot type into the hole. Another favorite par 3 would be number 8 at Bethpage State Park Black Course, Farmingdale, New York. The hole tips out at 210 but plays downhill, probably playing an actual yardage of 190 or so. I’ve never been to the course in person but have seen it on television during the 2009 U.S. Open golf tournament and just recently for the Barclays PGA Tour event. The last par 3 that I like that I’ve not played would probably be number seven at Pebble Beach Golf Links designed by Jack Neville and Douglas Grant. I’ve seen this par 3 over 100 times and would love to play it someday. This hole can play different yardages everyday. It tips out at 106 yards but plays downhill probably playing an actual yardage of 95 yards with no wind. But the hole is placed on the edge of the course on a cliff and exposed to elements. The standard club for the hole would probably be a sand wedge or a pitching wedge. But I’ve heard stories of players hitting seven irons into it because of the wind.

My favorite Par 3’s I’ve played would include number three at Spyglass Hill Golf Course and the fifth hole at Olympic Club Ocean Course. Both of these par threes play directly downhill. As both these courses are located near the ocean they both play challenging since the air quality effects the ball flight. Spyglass’s par three third is fun and both really challenging. I recently played in a amateur tournament and Spyglass and I was never able to hit the green in the two days I played it. It’s very hard to judge the downhill combined with the wind. Plus the flag was tucked in the back both days and going over is a bad. It would probably result in a definite bogey if you go over the green. The sixth hole at Olympic Club’s Ocean Course is another difficult hole. It plays down hill, farther downhill then Spy’s 3 hole. This hole isn’t as daunting as the hole doesn’t have any out of bounds over the green.