There are various types of caddies in the golfing world. Professional tour caddies to resort caddies. Even the spelling on caddie is used the wrong way many times. Many people spell it “caddy,” but if you look up the definition of that word it’s a small storage container, typically one with divisions. Which is completely different from the definition for caddie it’s a person who carries a golfer’s clubs and provides other assistance during a match. The typical tour caddie is far different then the typical resort caddie. A tour caddie works for the player getting paid but yes so does a resort caddie you are probably asking. The pay scale is much different on tour versus the resort caddie who gets a set fee each round plus tips. And you’re probably wondering how does this connect to golf course design? Many golf course’s were designed not with the intention to use golf carts but use caddies. Having a caddie is very helpful as many people play the course for the first time have no idea where to go and it keeps pace of play up. Some courses around the United States do not golf carts paths. I believe courses without cart paths are much more natural looking, it’s the way courses were suppose to look. A few courses that without paths and require you to take a caddie are San Francisco Golf Club and Cypress Point Golf Club. Having a caddie fulfills the whole golf experience when playing golf courses. 

But many golf resorts arounds the United States have fore-caddying available. Most fore-caddying is practiced when players ride in a golf carts and the caddie rides on the back of the cart. Fore-caddying is most often practiced at resort courses and used when guests prefer not to pay for their own caddie. It’s a much cheaper way to go if you don’t want someone by your side for every shot. The fore-caddy will typically give the players a line off the tee and run down the fairway to spot tee shots making the pace of play stay fast. Once the tee shots are found they will give each player a approximate yardage. The caddie will be there to fill divots and clean the clubs. After the shot lands the caddie will run to the green as the guests ride in the carts, then they will tend the flag stick and read putts. Courses like Pebble Beach and Spyglass Hill use fore-caddying since carts aren’t allowed on the fairways.